kennel Iikka-Likka, groenendaels since Iines, 1993


*14.4.2022 Sad news; I-L Phoenix AZ has been diagnosed with pannus :( This means "no good" for future plans. I had big dreams about this litter, but you can't always (not even sometimes) get what you want. Thank you Mari for taking good care of Ylppö <3

* 12.2.2022 All Q-puppies have found their homes. I'm so pleased with these new Iikka-Likka owners. It has been pleasure to get to know all of you! I wish you all the best and many happy years to come with your new family member. Thank you for the great news and pics I have received!

* 6.12.2021 they our Q-litter was born!! Two males and six females, all groenendaels. Females available - see more "puppies"-page

* 4.11.2021 Great news from ultrasound; at least 5 five puppies were scanned!! More information from Iikka-Likka litters page. If you became interested in please do not hesitate to contact

* 8.10.2021 Hopefully we'll have puppies in the beginning of December; Oche was inseminated succesfully at Eläinsairaala Veter in Tampere. More information about the male in few weeks. Exciting weeks ahead!

* 15.9.2021 Somero Woollandia, Oche passed HWT, herding working test with 74p by judge Anne Ojanen. Happy me ;)

* 26.7.2021 Also Vladde, Portland OR, hes been checked healthy; hips AA, elbows 00, LTV0, VA0, SP0 - GREAT!! Thank you Jesse!

* 10.6.2021 Some health results for P-litter: Phoenix hips AA and elbows 00, LTV1,VA1, Paramount hips AA, elbows 00, LTV0 and VA0, Palm Bay hips AA, elbows1/0, LTV0 and VA0. Thank you Mari and Marika!

* 5.5.2021 Health results for I-L Philadephia, Tico; hips A/A, elbows 1/0, LTV2 (symmetric), SP0 (free), VA0 (normal, no anomalies), no evidence of inherited eye diseases. So good news!! Thanks Ninni!

* March 2021 Oasis Pearl has healthy eyes. Thank you Kate for checking Sissi <3

* February's 2021 good news Ocean Heart and Palm Bay have clear eyes, but Obsession has unfortunately pannus :( 

* 19.12.2020 Health results for I-L Pittsburg, Laku, hips BB, elbows 00, VA1 (mild), LTV0 (normal). Thank you Ria!!

* 16.11.2020 oli päivä jolloin oli tehtävä raskas päätös ja päästää rakas ystävä menemään. Damdamin vestibulaarioireet pahenivat nopeasti niin vakaviksi, ettei ollut enää vaihtoehtoa. Damsu oli 12 vuotta ja 9 kuukautta - vielä olisin pitänyt hänet muutaman vuoden. Painonsa arvosta puhdasta kultaa; Dame Brune de Brunelines 3.2.2008 - 16.11.2020. Ikävä on kova. Kiitos maman-Damdam

* 16.11.2020 the hardest day! We had to make the decission to let Damdam to go. Her vestibulaire syndrome symptoms were getting to severe. She was 12 years and nine months. It was a great age but I would have been wanted to keep her still few years with us. She was worth weight in gold. Thank you Madame Muller, thank you maman Damdam for your legacy in your children and great children.

* 10.6.2020 health results for Palm Bay hips AA, elbows 1/0, LTV0, VA0, Paramount AA, 00, LTV0, VA0 and Phoenix AA, 00, LTV1, VA1

* 25.1.2020 Turku Winter Int Dog Show I-L Philadephia jun vg 2nd, I-L Pittsburg jun vg 1st, I-L Palm Bay jun exe 1st best female 3rd and CAC!!

*8.12.2019  I-L Philadephia PA and Palm Bay FL, both puppy class 4th. Helsinki Winner Puppy Show 2019
* I-L Oasis Pearl, Sissi got new title 18.9.2019, she's now also VDH, Deutscher Champion!! Congratulation Kate & Martin!!

* I-L Philadephia PA 27.10.2019 Lahti Puppy Show: male puppy 1st

* I-L Philadephia PA 28.9.2019 Kotka Puppy Show: HP & BOB - Congratulations Ninni & Joni!

* All puppies found their loving home.

* And now it's true! Puppies were born yesterday the 30th of March.

8 puppies were born, 7 males and 1 female. Unfortunately one male left us already, but we have seven little gold nuggets in the box. Wonders of life <3

* WE'LL HAVE PUPPIES! P-litter is expected to be born 29.03.2019

* 22.02.2019 At least six embrios have been spotted in Oche's ultrasound. I still can't believe this is happening! I'm so excited. This siemen had been frozen almost 30 years! Thank you Reprovet, Lena & Linda!!

* 29.01.2019 Oche has been artifially inseminated.  Operation succeeded perfectly.

* 18.01.2019 A lot has happened since last update. Oche's heat has started and the chosen male has changed. I have this  great opportunity to use male who has been on the rainbowbridge a long before Oche was even born. My choice is Am CH Rolin Ridge's Fourteen Karat, called Midas. See more puppies.

* 13.09.2018 The best of all!! Sissi, Iikka-Likka Oasis Pearl gave birth to a nice litter of 6+3 at kennel Si-Stell's in Danmark. Proud father is Jomeylo Di Terra Meigan. Congratulatios Sissi, Kate & Martin! - I became grandma <3

* Sissi's year 2018: Germany Nurnberg 1V ch.class, Offenburg exe 2 Ch class, Dortmund CACIB BOS, Neumunster CAC, CACIB BOS,  Luxembourg 2nd in Ch class, Danmark special club CAC. Sissi is now officially DKCH, INTCH, CLUBDKCH Iikka-Likka Oasis Pearl

* January 2018 Ocean Heart has healthy eyes!

* Sissi's expos in 2017 (I might not have all the results for her here; sorry Kate, you have been so busy with her :) : May 2017 Holland CAC & CACIB, Germany BOB in Bremen, World Exhibition 2nd Ch class, Danmark she became DKCH, and qualified for the Danish Championship in obedience

* 11.03.2017 health results: for both Obsession and Ocean Heart hips AA, elbows 00, LTV0 (normal), SP0 (free), VA0 (normal). Nuage de France hips AA, elbows 00, LTV0 (normal), VA0 (normal), SP2 (evident). Thanks Sari and Linda!

* Sissi, Oasis Pearl, has AA hips and 00 elbows; again great news from Denmark! Thanks Kate!!
* 08.10. Sissi passed the MH-test

* Sissi's expos in 2016:
Middelfart 16.04., club special, jun-EXE CK, BB2 & resCAC by Jörgen Hindse
Vejen 10.06., jun-EXE CK, BB3 by Colette Muldoon
Vejen 11.06., jun-EXE CK, BB3 by Olga Sinko
Vejen 12.06., jun-EXE CK, CAC & BIR by Dominic Harris
Herning 05.11., int-VG by John Wauben
Herning 06.11., int-EXE CK, BB4 & resCAC by Per Svarstad
Jylland 19.11., int-EXE CK by Laura Vassallo

* Oche's expos in 2016:
16.01. Turku int., jun-VG, JUNC2, by Satu Ylä-mononen
07.05. Harjavalta gr., jun-VG, JUNC1 by Marian Draganescu
14.05. Rauma nat., jun-VG, JUNC1 by Satu Ylä-mononen
22.10. Seinäjoki int., int-VG, INT1 by Aire-Piret Pärn

* 01.11.2015 Sissi entered the puppy class in Danish Winner 2015 Show in Herning as her first show with very nice judgement from Mr. Paul Lawless : "7 mths. good size, exellent temperament, medium length head, nice dark eye, could have a little more refinement in scull, ears well placed, she has good bone and feet, nice reach off neck, good topline just a shade long in loin, angulations are good front and rear, i would like her cleanere coming and going in her movements". SL

*24.10.2015 Oche's first show in Seinäjoki Int. and she was BOB puppy, judge Mr. Gerard Jipping: 7 months. "Very nice young female. Lovely attitude. At this moment exellent in body and head. Correct lenght of scull and muzzle. Correct shape of body. Typical feet. Correct bone. Shows very nice puppy movement." BOB puppy with honors.

05.07.2015 Surprise visitor I-L Neruda came to us for some holiday.

03.07.2015 I-L Nonnih' and Neige Noire; both have AA hips and 00 elbows :) Thanks Tapio and Mari for your visit.

08.06.2015 I'm so happy for  "Sissi", I-L Oasis Heart, she found her home with Kate in Denmark. Keep the Finnish flag high out there! I miss you baby <3

19.04.2015 Health updates: N'Lison hips A/A, elbows 1/2 and eyes clear.

08.02.2015 our O-litter was born: one male and two females. See more O-litter page. Me, so HAPPY <3<3<3

02.02.2015 Ultrasound check has been done; at least 3, perhaps 4 puppies seen. I'm so happy, finally it did work!! Fingers crossed till March.

04. and 06.01.2015 Dd has been mated with Eternity's Vici. Thank you Karin and Jesper for your patience <3. Little "Dicis" are expected to be born week 10/2015. More info see Puppies-page.


20.09.2014 Tampere Group Show, judge Juha Putkonen: I-L Nonnih' not judged, Dame Brune de Brunalines good and Valkohampaan Venice BOB Veteran. Thanks for the company Sanna, Tapio and Sari.

02.08.2014 Happy Birthday to N-litter <3 <3 <3

Kokemäki (Pitkäjärven Vapaa-ajankeskus) 2.8.2014 Group show:


17.07.2014 Our dear Viiru, Valkohampaan Venice, is having her 9th birthday.

Harjavalta (Hosiossaaren koirakenttä) 3.5.2014 Group show:


13.03.2014 health results; I-L Nuage de Paris, Maisa, hips AA and elbows 00 - great news despite of broken foreleg (05/2013)

22.02.2014 Unfortunately we won't have puppies this spring :( We try again the same combination in January 2015 -  O-litter expected for winter 2015.

16.01.2014 health results: I-L Neruda eyes clear, hips A/A and elbows 0/0 !!!!!!!!

7.-8.1.2014 We had a succesfull trip to Sweden! Damdam has been mated with Eternity's Vici, with a real gentleman - I'm in love <3 <3 <3

PUPPIES PLANNED FOR SPRING 2014 !! Puppies-page updated.

09.12.2013 Health results: N'Lison, Neige Noire and Dame Brune eyes clear!!

Hämeenlinna 5.10.2013 Group Show:


Turku 3.8.2013 National Dog Show:


02.08.2013 N-litter 1 year!!!!!!!

13.-14.07.2013 Oulu International Dog Show:


Harjavalta 25.5.2013 Group show:


4.05.2013 Maisa's foreleg was broken at dog park :(

01.05.2013 Dette's femur was broken by accident at home:(

05.04.2013 Nekku was operated at Anident/Helsinki - what a great service!

30.03.2013 I try to fix these pages...

11.03.2013 Our dear Nonnih'-boy got his new home with Tapio, Sanna & Siiri / Turku.

15.02.2013 Iikka-Likka Look-Alike 7 years!!!! Gongratulations Pesonen<3


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